About Us

Hawaii Venison is a new business cooperating between Hunters, Chefs, ‘Aina and the Community. Founded by Chef Ignacio of Pono ‘Aina Catering. Hawaii Venison provides USDA Certified Molokai Venison sourced ethically, and prepared in a clean and healthy facility with local organic spices.

Hawaii Venison participates in sourcing this delicacy and sharing it with the world so as to also preserve the Land and Natural Resources. We take great care in avoiding stress during slaughter which is a major factor in controlling meat quality. Our field harvesting technique is to quietly search the animals ready for harvesting and killing. The animals are taken by a single long-range head shot from a suppressed rifle. The free-range deer we harvest are never under any stress and the resulting meat quality is the highest possible. We do all this under the supervision of the USDA inspector. The meat is then processed quickly in our clean facility and made ready to deliver.

We take the utmost care to ensure that all our animals are harvested in a humane and respectful manner with no stress to the animal. For one thing, it’s the right thing to do. Additionally, harvesting stress-free animals results in meat of superior quality. We do prayer, before, during and after the taking of the animal. We see them as part of the cycle of life and revere them as part of our family, as thus we share in a way the life of the animal by doing good on the earth.

We strongly support sustainable agriculture efforts, and the ranches we work with utilize us as an integral part of their game management plan. The animals we harvest are not native to Hawaii and, thus, have no natural predators. Were it not for our services many deer would begin to starve due to overpopulation. Furthermore, the deer and other wild game remove the top soil from our island home and destroy the ability for our native flora and fauna to thrive.


Hawaii Venison is working to harvest healthy organic venison from Molokai. Exotic Axis Deer otherwise known as Chital Deer were a gift to King Kamehameha V as a walking food source back in the mid 1800’s. They are native to India, China and Japan.

Axis deer are organically raised in the hills of Molokai. Their meat is most popular for its high quality protein that is lean and nutritious with an absence of gamey taste.

Axis deer venison has been highly recommended by elite chefs around the globe and used in culinary competition shows like Iron Chef America.

Hawaii Venison is now working with partners on Molokai as we execute ethical wildlife management practices and through the USDA to make this high quality meat available for public consumption.

One of the highest grade culinary meats available, Axis Venison is not only delicious but healthful as well

  • It is a totally natural meat containing no drugs, chemicals, hormones, pesticides or herbicides
  • It is tolerated by those who are allergic to red meat
  • It has caught the attention of the educated and health-conscious
  • It is low in fat, cholesterol, sodium and calories, but high in protein
  • It appeals to the American taste with its mild, tender, juicy and light-textured qualities
  • It has absolutely no wild or gamey taste
  • It has helped health patients who have been advised against consumption of red meat

Stuff We Do Best

Organic Products Variety: 95%
Fast Delivery Services: 88%
Packaging: 75%