How venison magic happens

How we deliver to companies and homes in the late afternoon with our Corporate and Home Food Program.


Choose Your Products

We have a great variety of delicious venison products – steaks and chops, ribs, burgers, sausages, char siu, and will be rolling out other handcrafted meats, sauces, rubs, and later we make available gourmet hand selected coffee. from time to time aside from venison we will also make available gourmet selected heritage heirloom vegetables and gourmet products.

Pick Up From Local Spot

We have arranged our venison to have pick up spots around the island. We will begin with our main place at the Kokua Kalihi Valley Food Hub. Other spots coming online in the near future will include the Crop Shop Farmer’s Market at KPT and we are working on several other Farmer’s Market venues.

Our Hunters will harvest it or farms will produce it

We will receive your orders then harvest your venison and process it immediately for delivery or pickup. You may choose from fresh or frozen varieties. Choosing fresh is great but we also flash freeze our venison to insure freshness for shipping to friends and family if desired.

Or We Can Delivery It Fast

We have made available pick up spots for our venison and other products. If you are interested in having a delivery service there is a minimum $50 per order and you will be charged a $5.00 delivery for the drop to your door step. If you are interested in a Co-op drop for your company, we will waive the delivery charge if there are 3 or more $50.00 orders at your place of business.

You can order Custom Package here or check the Pricing below. Create Your Own Package

We Are Experts In

Organic Products Variety: 95%
Fast Delivery Services: 88%
Packaging: 75%
Customer Satisfaction: 100%

Core Services


We help heritage harvesters, hunters, farmers and food crafters get to market when they are ready.


We love to share the stories and heritage of food. From the old traditional hunts to the fun learning process of making great recipes or the not so great tasting ones that make us grow. Food is the source for conversation and health, and we love to share.

Food Strategy

If you are looking to source venison or other of our selective products, we can help you with strategy for planning, scheduling, and even preparing. We are about educating.


As part of what we do, we will hold events to discuss the use of traditional foods, recipes and how to use venison from nose to tail. As a part of paying respect to the harvest, we strive to use every part and use those parts to educate on native skills.

Organic Food Packages

  • Single Basket
  • $ 100
    • 4 Steaks: (1/2 lb. each)
    • 2 French Style Racks: (6 oz. each)
    • 3 lbs. Stew Cuts: (makes 3 stews)
    • Recipe Cards: Included in box

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  • Kama'aina Package
  • $ 450
    • 4 Steaks: (1/2 lb. each)
    • 4 French Style Racks: (6 oz. each)
    • 4 lbs. Stew Cuts: (makes 3 stews)
    • 4 Bags of Jerky: (5 oz. each)
    • Recipe Cards: Included in box
    • Invite to 2 Classes: Learn recipes, and outdoor Cooking
    • FreeDelivery

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  • Ali'i Package
  • $ 600
    • 8 Steaks: (1/2 lb. each)
    • 8 French Style Racks: (6 oz. each)
    • 8 lbs. Stew Cuts: (makes 3 stews)
    • 5 Bags of Jerky: (5 oz. each)
    • 1 Package Sausage: (1.5 lbs)
    • 1 Package Hamburger: (3 – 4oz. patties)
    • Recipe Cards: Included in box
    • Invite to 2 Classes: Learn recipes, and outdoor Cooking
    • Invite to 1 BBQ Seminar:
    • FreeDelivery

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